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Hi! We're The Remix Kids

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New School Kids with Old School Values

The Remix Kids are a diverse group of children who are planted in the lives of their peers, to help when a friend may need advice or a helping hand.


They live across the country and are all connected via their special tablets – and have the unique and creative ability to show (and flow) a different point of view.


Just how certain people are put in our lives for a reason, The Remix Kids leave their seeds of wisdom to help other children grow, leaving behind a memorable gift along the way.


Kaila Heath


Kaila resides in North Carolina with her husband (Jason), son (Vaughn), and daughter (the real-life Solei). She is the Owner of Penned by Kai, a Boutique Writing & Branding Consultancy. Kaila and her family attend church at Calvary Chapel Cary. She believes all kids deserve the foundation of faith, the feeling of family, and the fortune of friendship.


Marie Laure


Marie was born to draw. Her passion for drawing as a kid was so extensive that she ran out of paper and had to doodle inside of book covers! Marie is a part of a military family and lived in Europe for several years. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, learning new languages, and all things animation.

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